Pharmacy Management Software in Bangladesh

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The medicine shop management system ensures efficient operation, a modern billing system, revenue management, track inventory and help you to grow your business. It will also act as billing software for pharmacies.

It is instrumental in the medicine and pharmacy business to be able to finish transactions as swiftly as possible. This is particularly because cases of emergency arise frequently in pharmacies. It would be highly ineffective if the transaction has to be done manually as it would slow down the entire process and even result in long queues. This is bad for business as well as healthcare. To tackle such an important accounting issue Software Solution Company is introducing an efficient Medicine Shop Management Software solution.

Our software enables you to handle customers effectively by processing prescriptions in the least possible time. We will keep your stock information updated automatically based on transactions. Thus, you will know immediately if you are able to provide a customer with all the medicines that he/she requires. We also keep a customer database which stores intuitive information such as frequent purchases so that you can let them know that you have exactly what they want at your disposal.


Such features will help develop customer loyalty in the long run. Apart from these specialized features, our software also possesses all the capabilities of a POS terminal software as that is essential for transactions. Proper invoices and reports with a customized layout that is suitable for pharmacies will be produced automatically at the end of transactions.