WhatsApp will follow the new procedure !!!

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WhatsApp has made changes to their privacy policy. The company said that WhatsApp is following a new procedure to inform its users about the new privacy policy.

WhatsApp said it will now deliver updates to its policy directly to users. It can be found in the status option of WhatsApp. 

WhatsApp first informed them in a status that they are promising to ensure the privacy of users. 
WhatsApp cannot read anyone's messages or conversations.
It is end-to-end encrypted so that user information is protected.

But suddenly a fake message spread on social media.
Where it is said, if you do not agree with WhatsApp before February 8, 2021, the account will be deleted.
WhatsApp has nothing to do with such messages, the authorities said in a Twitter message.
Criticizing the privacy policy, many, including the world's richest man Elon Musk, have left Facebook-WhatsApp and opted to use Signal or another app.
For various reasons, the giant company has been caught in the trap of criticism.
Later, however, the organization explained the new privacy policy.
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