Lifestyle In Bangladeshi Villages

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Villages and rivers are the backbone of Bangladesh.There are about 68,000 villages in Bangladesh.Most of the people still live in Bangladesh villages.Life here is slow,air,and food are fresh as opposed to the cities.Food is made from fresh vegetables directly coming from the field.People make diferent types of rice-cakes so tasty and authentic.

People live in the beautiul houses here made of clay.Roofs of the are made of burned clay called "tail"which protect them very well from the rainwater.

They are used for plowing lands,getting fresh milk,and in cow carts which are used to transport goods,especially rice,wheat,potato and other things produced on the fields to bring home.


Chicken,ducks,and pigeons are raised for fresh meat and egg.

Fresh vegetables come directly from the field to be added in the menu.


Children are playing different types of game for their entertainment which refresh their mind and good for their health.

They also arrenge village fair during different times of the year.

River is also a beauty of villages.